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Meet the Team

Dannie Y.S. Yung, MSc(Eng), CEng., MIEE, MHKIE, MAPICS

Ir Dannie Yung is a Chartered Engineer and a senior consultant with PMMS Asia Pacific. The work of Ir Yung with global leading organizations involves her in ensuring that her clients get the very best out of managing the purchasing and supply process to achieve business goals and deliver results.

A key component of Ir Yung's approach to managing the purchasing and supply process lies in the strategic alignment and balance struck between gaining a commercial advantage and the long-term view of doing business. She believes strongly that supply chains (not companies) compete to create value and delight customers.

Bob McConnochie, MA(Hons), MCIPS

Bob is an Associate Consultant with PMMS Asia Pacific. In addition to procurement consultancy projects he is also a lead training facilitator with our subsidiary Negotiation Resource International (NRI).

He has extensive experience in working with teams of key commodity buyers in securing productivity improvements and achieving corporate fiscal targets and has been a member of a core local team (co-ordinating extensive international contacts) to produce an in-depth review of a client's global supply market for equipment, evaluating their performance, and analysing budgetary planning.

His international experience of leading strategic procurement extends across 15 countries with substantial profit and service improvements.

Sammy Chow, B.A.Sc, MIMarE, MHKIE, MCIPS

An Associate of PMMS Asia Pacific, Sammy has extensive experience of both sides of the buyer/seller interface in Hong Kong and mainland China. He currently undertakes sourcing projects for multinational clients in the hospitality sector on behalf of whom he acts with clients and suppliers. His expertise lies in the implementation of change programmes, negotiation project consulting and commercial skills best practice development and performance measurement. Previous corporate purchasing experience has been with major international companies in the airline and chemical industries.

Malcolm Andrews

A Senior Consultant with PMMS, Malcolm has been involved in the development of negotiation performance on both sides of the buyer/seller interface, in a range of cultural and industry environments including the Purchasing department of the largest wholesale hardware warehouse in the UK, where he was involved in their transition to automated operations. After working for several years in the public sector, he and his wife left the UK and lived in Japan for 2 years followed by a period in South Korea. Malcolm and his wife then relocated to Hong Kong where he joined UK publisher Pergamon Press as Regional Manager before moving to Longman Asia as Direct Marketing Manager.

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