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The PMMS Process Element 1
The PMMS Process Element 2
The PMMS Process Element 3
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Differentiated Market Management
Providing the Client with the ability to recognise, respond to and proactively manage different supply markets.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)
A comprehensive step by step approach which will provide the client with the ability to analyse the complete Supply Chain for all purchases and identify vulnerabilities, constraints, lead time reduction and cost reduction opportunities

Business Integration Toolkit
A comprehensive step by step approach to ensure that client companies maximise the benefits deliverable from their merger and acquisition plans.

Successful Rightsourcing Solutions
A six step process designed specifically to ensure that a business either Insources or Outsources activity for the right reasons. This process enables the client to understand the real drivers behind whether something should be in or outsourced

Profit Improvement
Meeting the organisation's needs in terms of cost reduction, risk reduction and enhanced supplier performance through identifying capitalising upon quick wins and longer term opportunities

Negotiation Systems to Deliver Results
A system designed to select the right style and process of negotiation for the organisation in order to deliver the business needs identified. Ensures a highly skilled team of negotiators who can use a variety of approaches because of their depth of understanding of the whole process of negotiation

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