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The CIPS Graduate Diploma Programme In Asia 2004-2005

Information for Sponors

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The CIPS Corporate Award Programme is designed to provide a professional skills benchmark for key Purchasing staff.

A typical student profile is that of an employee who has been in a Purchasing-related position for more than 2 years and is seeking to build a career in this profession as a route to top management.

A benefit to the employer is the delivery of a skills set which ensures best-practice in the workplace based on supply management strategies that are relevant to their business environment and 42,000 members worldwide.

Return on Investment

A benefit to the employee is the MCIPS qualification: the most widely recognized professional qualification in the world for Purchasing with over 2,000 members across Asia.

Because students on this Programme are sponsored by their employer, great care is taken to ensure that sponsoring organizations are able to track their return on investment. This process includes the following programme features:

Sponsor Liaison

A CIPS Programme Coordinator is assigned to be your single point of contact throughout the programme who will contact sponsors, prior to commencement of the Programme, to ensure that they are fully briefed and will also orientate your sponsees. All administrative matters involving membership of the Institute are also handled by the Programme Coordinator.

Regular Reporting

Upon completion of each module, you receive a Sponsor Report which provides sponsor organizations with feedback from each Tutor on the progress of the staff members as well as details of their assignment results.

Key Learning Points Identified

The Sponsor Report includes a list of Key Learning Points for each module. This is designed to enable sponsors to follow-up on new learning and that this is being used in the workplace.

Deliverables Defined

The Sponsor Report also includes a list of Deliverables for each module which enables the sponsoring organization to understand how the content of each module can be applied by their employee in the workplace.

The Project

This is a key component of the programme and one which consistently delivers tangible returns to the sponsor well in excess of their initial investment in the programme. At the commencement of Phase 2 of the programme, students will be assisted by their tutor to identify a live, work-based project which they can use to apply their new learning. Each sponsoring organization nominates a supervisor for the project (usually the student's up-line manager) who, using detailed guidelines provided by the project tutor, will act as the student's mentor. The Project culminates in an 10,000 word report a summary of which is presented to a panel comprised of a faculty member an independent moderator and the supervisors from each sponsoring organization.


Each participant is assigned an individual Mentor: a member of the MCIPS Alumni who will be able to give support and encouragement based upon their own experience of studying on the programme.

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