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The CIPS Graduate Diploma Programme In Asia 2004-2005


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A Professional Benchmark for

Today's challenging business environment and the need for greater cost efficiency, has led to increased recognition of the importance of the Purchasing role in creating value and has strengthened the need to improve it's strategic and tactical management.

The rapid rate of change in Purchasing today demands new skills which encompass the tools and techniques necessary to enhance decision-making and link Purchasing activities with business needs. As business management teams turn their attention to newly emerging Purchasing initiatives such as vendor rating, lean supply and supplier management, the impact which these strategies can have on profitability and the need to have people with the right skills sets to achieve this is critical.

This practical study programme is designed to ensure that Purchasing specialists can acquire the competencies needed to implement leading edge Purchasing strategies in a way that is time-efficient, cost-effective and tailored to the environment within which they work.

Best Practice Training Linked to the Workplace

An important feature of this study programme is the Project which each participant is required to complete in Phase 2 of the Programme.

The purpose of the Project module is to link the theory taught in the classroom to the realities of the workplace.

With the guidance of the Project Tutor and under the supervision of their up-line manager, each participant is encouraged to select a Project topic that will not only illustrate the application of theory to practice but also deliver tangible benefits to their organization in terms of real savings.

A Modular Approach

The CIPS Corporate Award Programme includes essential strategic supply chain management subjects which are studied using an intensive, multi-disciplined and modular approach.

Each module includes a self-study assignment, a tutor-led workshop and a distance learning exercise as well as allowing time for revision. Assignments are set and assessed in Phase 2 of the Programme. In this way, students can proceed through the course quickly and thoroughly. This programme has the further advantage of being taught by faculty members who are familiar with the business environment in Asia.

A Centre of Purchasing Excellence

The Corporate Award Programme is open to participants located throughout Asia Pacific.

Workshops are conducted in Shanghai and assignments are submitted by students electronically as a PDF file plus one paper copy. Faculty members provide close support for students wherever they are located in the region. This is supplemented in the workplace by the up-line managers of participants with whom faculty members maintain close contact. In addition, individual Mentors are assigned from our course Alumni to offer support and guidance for each student based upon their own experience of completing the CIPS syllabus.

Students can also download useful information and practical advice from www.cips.org

Programme Objectives

The overall aim of the CIPS Corporate Award Programme is to provide a learning and development framework for procument that delivers the skills and competencies required by an organization seeking a sustainable increase in business performance. Specific objectives are:

  • To provide a practical skills development programme which facilitates the learning of procurement professionals
  • To deliver the skills and competencies which enable procurement professionals to contribute to a measurable difference in overall business performance
  • To enable procurement excellence to be maintained and enhanced within each participant's organisation

  • Standards

    The programme is designed for those who are already working in Purchasing and Supply management. The format of programme requires that participants analyse case studies and solve problems. This is a challenging and demanding programme which addresses core knowledge areas whilst, uniquely, including key elements from the work situation within which the theory is applied.

    The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply

    The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) is the most widely established professional organization serving the Purchasing and Supply profession and representing the interests of its practitioners worldwide.

    Dedicated to promoting best practice principles, CIPS provides a wide range of services for the benefit of its members and the wider business community.

    The CIPS Ethical Code is the benchmark for excellence within the Purchasing and Supply profession.

    Membership will enhance your status as a purchasing and supply practitioner and give you the backing of a well-informed professional body.

    PMMS Asia Pacific Ltd

    PMMS Asia Pacific Ltd is the regional division of the PMMS Group, one of the largest consulting and training organizations specialising in the Purchasing and Materials Management field worldwide.

    Recognising the needs of organizations to develop and improve the management of their supply side strategies, PMMS provides a range of training which facilitates a participative and pragmatic approach to the successful development and implementation of effective Purchasing strategies.

    PMMS is a major training partner with CIPS and members of their team of consultants are involved in developing and presenting training programmes offered by the Institute worldwide.

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