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The CIPS Graduate Diploma Programme In Asia 2004-2005

Information for Sponors

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Corporate Award Programme of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply

Q Why is MCIPS important for my career?

Because companies have begun to understand that the effective management of supply markets is critical to their success, they need Purchasing people who are equipped with an understanding of the leading edge strategies and tactics that are needed to achieve this. Membership will enhance your status as a purchasing and supply practitioner and give you the backing of a well-informed professional body.

Q As an employee, who will recognize my MCIPS qualification?

With 42,000 members worldwide, The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply is recognized by most large international organizations as a definitive standard of professional excellence for best Purchasing practice. Membership of the Institute (MCIPS) enables employers to recognize that a high level of professional proficiency and understanding has been attained.

Q As an employer, what are the benefits of sponsoring my staff onto this programme?

The programme of study leading to membership of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply represents the highest levels of professional attainment. The MCIPS provides a performance benchmark which employers can rely on in terms of international best practice and leading edge strategic understanding. Because of the practical nature of the MCIPS Corporate Award Programme, sponsoring employers can expect to see an immediate pay-back in terms of increased efficiency and improved performance. The Project module of the Programme is based upon a live, work-based issue with which each student is involved. The outcomes of these Projects pay dividends to the sponsor far in excess of the course fee.

Q How long will it take me to complete the programme and receive MCIPS?

We expect that students will complete Phases 1 and 2 within 18 months. On successful completion of the programme together with a minimum of three years' relevant experience in a position of responsibility in Purchasing and Supply, you will become MCIPS

Q Who is this programme for?

Most of the students who have joined this programme have been working in Purchasing for a minimum period of two years and are being fast-tracked by their employers for development in this profession and beyond.

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